Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obsessed Fridays!

Geez...Lord me give me the strength to not only stay focused on You, my family, work but also in getting on a regular blogging schedule.

I do have to say that with this weekend being Mother's Day or for me "Mama's Day!" I need to do a little something for what Mama wants now.....I don't need anything but the love of my man and boys, but I wouldn't mind a little something something to obsess over...I mean us Mama's do A LOT and this is our day (besides my birthday month) to get rewarded, right?

So this is a huge make-up trade show that I have always wanted to attend and its June 23-24th, 2012
in Los Angeles.  I mean I do need to make a serious make-up overhaul and I have a few friends that 
wouldn't mind coming with me.  Plus you don't have to be a pro to attend!

And speaking of makeup, I want this little jewel too....
Nothing like a Beauty Blender.

Let me take a second to just dream as if money wasn't an 
object and I could get what ever I want from RESTORATION HARDWARE..

On a serious note, I truly have started to want things for 
my home when its gift time and I want a really cool outdoor
dining set.  Of course it can't be like anything I have ever seen before...

Now back to just biggest obsession and I don't know why! j/k
I know exactly crossbody please!

If all else fails I would love to spend the day here....
Red Door Spa..

Well these are a few of my Mama's Day obsessions and I am sticking to it!  Love to my mother, Bea, who is my entire world and the strongest Mom I know.  Thank you for always leading my example people like you don't come around very often and I am so thankful to God for giving you to me!  Love you Mama and much love to ALL of the amazing Mama's out there....


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