Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm coming home......

Seattle is the most beautiful place to be especially in the summer and I am so grateful to come and bring my family here when I excited to be spending time with my family and celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my dear friends Patience and coming soon.... I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th and here's to an even more fabulous weekend. Loves......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Obsessed Fridays!

So I am thinking of choosing another day to display my latest obsessions...just thinking out loud.....

This week has flown by and a lot of changes are happening in my life.  Mother's Day was awesome, received a card from my boys and then had a fabulous dinner with my in-laws.  I'm talking grilled lobster tails, salad, bread and grilled veggies....Yummy in My Tummy!  Then we capped the night off sitting on the kitchen floor eating raspberries and strawberries.
Super grainy, but it took me forever to even get this one...

Now on to my other obsessions........

1. Body Chain, Body Chain.....
Courtesy of Etsy Seller : biscayandbeyond

This if super fabulous and perfect for a pool party and I want one! Haha!

2.  Dip-dyed Hair...should I or shouldn't I?  Either way I think it is a cool way to add a pop of color and who says it has to be permanent?  I will keep you posted should I get the nerves up to do it!

3.  Nail Art

So I have never been a fan of doing my own nails....I have always had a serious nail biting habit, don't judge me!  I am trying to get rid of it.  With that said, I have being going to the nail salon for years and I am tired of the usual flower, random leaf, etc that the nail techs convince you to put on your nails for an extra $5, plus the designs are super corny and outdated.  I recently took to Pinterest and discovered a lot of nail designs and I even tried one on myself.  I'm not only obsessed, I'm addicted!

My "IKAT" design...

4.  Peplum, peplum, where for art thou PEPLEM!!!!!

I don't have hips and this style creates hips for me. Nuff said.....

5.  I am obsessed with work lately, focusing on networking and building relationships in the 
real estate and mortgage community.  No pictures for that just words.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend, tell the ones closest to you how much they mean and get out and do something that rocks your world!  Make it a good one....Loves....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obsessed Fridays!

Geez...Lord me give me the strength to not only stay focused on You, my family, work but also in getting on a regular blogging schedule.

I do have to say that with this weekend being Mother's Day or for me "Mama's Day!" I need to do a little something for what Mama wants now.....I don't need anything but the love of my man and boys, but I wouldn't mind a little something something to obsess over...I mean us Mama's do A LOT and this is our day (besides my birthday month) to get rewarded, right?

So this is a huge make-up trade show that I have always wanted to attend and its June 23-24th, 2012
in Los Angeles.  I mean I do need to make a serious make-up overhaul and I have a few friends that 
wouldn't mind coming with me.  Plus you don't have to be a pro to attend!

And speaking of makeup, I want this little jewel too....
Nothing like a Beauty Blender.

Let me take a second to just dream as if money wasn't an 
object and I could get what ever I want from RESTORATION HARDWARE..

On a serious note, I truly have started to want things for 
my home when its gift time and I want a really cool outdoor
dining set.  Of course it can't be like anything I have ever seen before...

Now back to just biggest obsession and I don't know why! j/k
I know exactly crossbody please!

If all else fails I would love to spend the day here....
Red Door Spa..

Well these are a few of my Mama's Day obsessions and I am sticking to it!  Love to my mother, Bea, who is my entire world and the strongest Mom I know.  Thank you for always leading my example people like you don't come around very often and I am so thankful to God for giving you to me!  Love you Mama and much love to ALL of the amazing Mama's out there....


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kam.....simply sweet....

Baby K is definitely no longer little.  He has grown up so quickly and I had to give you all a peek at his newest pictures courtesy of Jessica Downey Photography.  He is so CUTE!  I can't even stand it.....Enjoy!

His clothing includes: Mini Harajuku jacket and shoes, H&M jeans, Splendid L/S shirt, GAP cardigan and American Apparel t-shirt. 100% of his swag comes from Mommy...Ha!

Loves me some him!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My sister comes to visit (Part 2 of 2)

So after the Phoenix Children's Museum, we came home and decided to have a little girls night out on the town...well not really we went to sushi and then ended our night at this little dive bar called Roman's.  It was so much fun and we danced, talked and did a lot of a laughing!

The next day was Baby Kam's 1st birthday party, we only had family come over, but it was a lot of fun and ended up being a ton of people, surprisingly, considering I planned it is 2 days....

Here are a couple of shots from the party!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!

The Birthday Boy and Buster

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My sister and nephew are finally here! (Part 1 of 2)

So I left Washington headed to Arizona in 2005 because I had become engaged to B.....

Long story short it has been 7 years since my move and my sister has NEVER BEEN TO AZ TO VISIT ME!!!!  Crazy right??

Well, the wait is over because she's here with my nephew and her really good friend.  It's been so much fun so far, while I was working they headed off to the mall and literally spent about 4 hours there much fun, I wish I had the energy to do that with 2 little ones.  They came home with cupcakes, cookies and a couple bottles of wine.  So we sat up and talked and laughed until I couldn't hold my eyelids up anymore.  (I wake up everyday at 6am with my Kings running into our room to state, "Mommy, I wake up!")  So I just can't hang like I used to. Ha!

Then we decided to do something for the kids so we headed off to the Phoenix Children's Museum for a little bit of fun. It was a great few hours spent playing, running, jumping and exploring all things for KIDS!

Kings & Khai painting the rocks....

Kings making oven stone pizzas...

Khai making his as well...

And we cannot forget the littlest cousin of the bunch Kam...
He loved the box and that's about it...ha!

What a great day at the Phoenix Children's Musuem!
To be continued on this fabulous post about my sister coming to town!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lordy, Lordy my sweet Ping is 40!

I met the coolest girl about 5 years ago, my husband said we are going over to a friend Jason's house to meet their new little daughter and hang out.  I walked into a beautiful home and were welcomed by the nicest women.  She had just had a sweet little girl named Ryan and let me tell you it looked as though she had never given birth.  Her figure is amazing and I know now that her eating habits are impeccable, except when my hubby and her get together, they seem to always fall for anything sweet! I remember rocking Ry to sleep that and talking with Jason and Stacy late into the night.  Well that was five years ago and I still call this women a really, really great friend.  Stacy is not only one of the hardest working people I know, she is kind, giving, beautiful, a great workout partner ;0), a true friend.  "Ping" as I affectionately call her will also let you know what's on her mind and if she doesn't like something that you are doing she will IMMEDIATELY let you know.  That is why my husband always says that Ping is quick to give you a review, you might not like it, but you will respect it.  She is also my partner in crime when it comes to music, especially Sade.  She endured my crazy antics at the Sade concert and stood by my side the entire time.  Let us not forget and I think its your turn to wear the Sade shirt next week!! HEY!!

I watched her marry the love of her life in Montana....

We took a family vacation to Hawaii (amongst numerous other trips).....

 and I was around to see her pregnant with her 2nd daughter as she was with me when I was delivering Kings..

Besides being a fabulous wife, cook and business owner, she is also a fabulous Mommy to two beautiful little girls.  Those little princesses are so lucky to have you Ping!  Keep guiding them in the right direction because you are doing a wonderful job.

Lastly, thank you so much for ALWAYS being there for me and my family.  Can you believe it has been five years already since we first met??  You are a beautiful soul and deserve nothing but the best, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday don't look a day over 25.

We are forever THE POYARDS!

Love you!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Retail Therapy Session!

Such a fun day today!

Dropped off Kings at Montesorri....he just adores his school and he managed to bring home a lot of "work" which included a really cute caterpillar made out of egg cartons.

Kam and I headed out with my dear friend Patience and her son for a little retail therapy.  Picked up a pair of super cute jeans for cheap and some other random stuff.  No pics to show, but I just love getting away with my friends and catching up.  Even if it includes a baby (my sweet Kam) who did not nap and all he wanted to do was wobble, I mean walk around the stores.  He was a trooper.  Patience's son is amazing he sat in his stroller the entire time and chilled, she trained him early....LUCKY!  Since I don't plan on having another other kids I have to start working on mine stat!  Mama likes to shop, hello!

Now the boys are napping and Mama is doing a little work--people want some home loans...thank you Lord!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, spend it with the ones you love!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston....

I literally grew up bouncing around and singing to this women's songs.  She was an amazing talent and everyone in the music industry strives to have the voice that she had.  Her infectious smile and positive attitude is what catapulted her career.  Her legend will never be forgotten and her music will continue to inspire.  We will miss you Whitney Houston and my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends, especially your daughter.  Watch over us Whitney from above, you are now no longer in pain.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

365 days just flew by.....Baby K you're 1.....

With tears in my eyes, I write this and I proudly say Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!  You have become a true blessing to our family.  I cannot believe that a year ago I was starving myself while Daddy, Kings and the rest of The Edwards family chowed down at California Pizza Kitchen.  I, of course, had to fast because I was due for C-Section at approximately 5pm and could not eat.  Surprisingly, I had no appetite because I was very anxious and excited to meet you.

My surgery was so peaceful, I remember singing Michael Jackson's "I Wanna Rock With You" while Dr. Johnson prepped me for surgery and as I layed on that table with your Daddy beside me I could not believe that in a matter of minutes our family would go from three to four.  You came out screaming and all I heard the nurse say was "Look at those 2 dimples!"  That's why til this day your Daddy always says that "you aren't pimpin' you're dimpin!" Haha!

Born at a mere 6 pounds 6 ounces you were perfect and exactly the same size as your big brother.  Let me add that Kings was not at all excited to meet you and could not figure out why I was holding you.  He freaked out and I knew that this was not going to be easy for him, but as soon as I got home with you, he adjusted fairly quickly and my sweet 20 month old baby boy was now a big brother and literally grew up before my very eyes.

 I have to mention that during our stay, especially the first night together, we had the best nurse ever!  Mandy....thank you so much for helping me during those first few days with Baby K you were a true God send and I am happy that I still get to follow your journey on a little thing called Facebook.

Well from that first car ride home to your 1st shots (surprisingly Mama did not cry) to our first plane ride to Seattle for Auntie Ky's bridal shower to our first emergency room had croup and many, many other firsts, I am so happy to call you my son and this has been an exciting year.

Great Grammy ("GG") & Kam

Papa & Kam
Daddy & His Boy
Tete & Kam

Baby Dedication-Palm Valley Church

What a year it has been and it's so much fun to show it in pictures...
Brand New Baby Boy

1 month-happy shot day!

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old--crazy face!

5 months old--grinning away..ha!

6 months old- he's now drooling

7 months old and so serious!

8 months old-super sick but still happy

Thanksgiving and
9 months old...a big boy now!

10 months old-First Christmas!

11 months old--Look at those teeth!

You've done some traveling throughout your first year too.....

Seattle-Auntie Ky & Grammy
Trip to Alaska--Daddy's childhood home

Malibu, CA-Family Trip

Cabo San Lucas was a blast!!!

So it's now your 1st Birthday and here we are looking back at the past 365 days and keep asking myself where did the time go?  I am so grateful for digital cameras and the internet because I have these beautiful keepsakes that I will now carry on with me forever. 

 I can't wait to see what the future lies ahead for you and with that I say thank you for choosing me to be your Mama!  I have fallen in love 3 times in my life and you my dear are my 3rd! I love you Scoops and as my dear friend says "To the Moon and Back!"

Loves.....Your Mama

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