Saturday, January 28, 2012

Garage Sale-ing for my 2 princes.....hmmm....

Okay, so its Saturday morning, my oldest is sick and Mama had to get out of the house for a quick 45 minute jaunt around the city looking for some Daddy says "your going to go get a fix huh?" and I reply "THAT'S RIGHT!"  My blog isn't titled OBSESSED MAMA for nothing!

So out I went and I was in search of a unique side table for my son's …
Something simple, clean lines and a drawer would be nice
I can find this side table for sure, a little sanding, painting and distressing...

I am also looking for 2 twin beds and a cheap, low profile dresser...
love these metal beds, minus the dress portrait of course....ha!
Obsessed with this table and headboards...

Or maybe I can get 2 twin bed frames and make my own headboard??

Love these dressers! And everything on the wall too!

And a special, special chair for a project me and P are working on.  Well, needless to say...NO LUCK!  I mean there was everything else at these sales except what I was looking I will continue on CG for some finds and pray that my fave, Patience at White Lacquer gets on the good foot and finds me something special.  (wink, wink)

In the meantime, I am still debating whether or not to put them in the same room, but I think while they are little it could be fun.  Thoughts?

Loves and have a fabulous weekend!  I know I will....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vacation, vacation...oh how I love a family vacation!

CABO SAN LUCAS or as us regulars call it "The Bo" per usual was amazing.  Nine days in paradise with my hubby, our boys and the rest of our family was pretty spectacular.  Taking 2 planes to get there so the boys could rest was not so much fun considering Kings complained of his ears and through his wails and crying all I could do was hold and love on him.  Poor little guy! ;0(

We arrived to our condo and immediately went to the store and settled the boys in for naps.  Without a beat, Kings asked me " sleepy with me?" and how could I say no.  So I shut the sun away from the room by closing the drapes and headed off into sleepyland.

Well as you can guess with an 11 month old and 2-1/2 year old besides the naps we played alot at the beach and pool.  Kings got worked by the ocean with his Papa, and by that I mean he dove into the waves and rolled back onto the shore, it was quite a site to see! He also built sandcastles with his Daddy and Nana and through the layers and layers of sunscreen became the bronzest toddler I know.  I mean I worked hard on my tan and this kids plays around with sunscreen and still ends up darker than his Momma!!!!??!!

Kam or Scoops as we like to call him, was not so fond of the ocean, but did enjoy watching the people at the pool.  I think out of everyone this kids was the most well rested of the group.  Two almost 3 hour naps daily, he ate to his hearts content and was in bed by 7:30pm.  He also could have been tired because his Uncle Kaos danced with him the entire trip, which thus led to his second nickname "Boogie!"  Let me tell you, this kid not only has moves but he has rhythm but that should not be too hard to believe because his Momma has always been a dancing machine. Haha!

Through trips to downtown Cabo on the bus, a long timeshare presentation and an interesting night out with the adults to Cabo again for a little night out to El Squid Roe, The Loveshack and the Pink Kitty, numerous laughs with our family, shopping and Happy Hour everyday, THE BO was wonderful. What was even more spectacular was the walks along the beach and T & I attempting to beat the ocean before it crashed in on us (EPIC FAIL)...I think I still have sand and salt water in my hair. Did I mention that we all managed to work out 7 out of the 9 days??  Yes we were in beastmode, but we had to keep all the chips and salsa at bay ya know!

What a great family vacation away from the chaos of our day to day schedule back in the states.  Maybe I should take a break from social media for awhile, because it was nice not to be connected to the internet and just enjoy my family.  Who knows....I will keep you posted!

I truly loved the time spent with my hubby and our boys, T and Kaos, Uncle Eric and of course Molnick and Ricky Bobby (my inlaws for inviting us)....until we meet again Bo!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grandma C--An Angel now Watching Over Us

I was awakened last night by my brother in law with news that our beloved Grandma C. had passed away peacefully after a short battle with a brain injury.  She was an amazing women that raised four kind and gracious children.

I have only known Grandma C. for 7 short years, but the times I did spend with her were memories I will hold onto for a very long time.  When anyone was around her presence exuded a feeling of calm and maturity.  Her manners were impeccable and if she thought something you said was out of line, she would quickly correct you.  She had a true love for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but I also know that her love for religion was also high on her list if not number 1.  She was a devote Catholic that never tried to miss a day in church.  I can remember a few years back she came to visit us in Arizona because of Telle's graduation.  Everyone was extremely exhausted with all of the festivities so when Sunday rolled around no one had the energy to go to church.  Well, her energy never waivered and she was the oldest in the group! ;0)  Her grandson, my hubby, happily offered to take his Grandma to church and I believe that truly made her day.

I will also never forget the dance party at my wedding and getting her on the dance floor to do her signature "robot moves" were hilarious!  She literally had a circle of people around her rooting her on.

I am also thankful that she got to know my baby Kings, but a little sad that she will never get to know Kam.  I will make sure that her legacy lives on in my boys and that they know their Great Grandma C. and everything that should stood for: faith, family, respect, manners, peace and love!

God truly received a special, special angel last night and although she is no longer here with us in the physical world, I pray that we all find comfort in knowing that she is now with her husband, her brother and other family and friends.  Grandma C. continue to watch over us and please step in and correct us anytime you deem necessary! ;0)

Love you Grandma C.!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day at Montessori School--Hand in Hand

Oh my oh my....I am having a hard time writing this, not only because I feel like I was just holding him in my arms at a mere 6 pounds 6 ounces but because he is  now 2-1/2 years old and had his first day at Montessori School.  Mind you its only for a half day, but he's my first born, the one who gave me my first real experience with nausea when he was in my tummy and the first angel I ever fell in love with  the moment our eyes met.  He's my Kings and I don't want him to grow up!  Sadly I know time doesn't stop and honestly I can't wait to see what positive things he brings to this world, but time is moving at warp speed, just slow down for two seconds so I don't miss a moment watching him and his brother.

Well, enough about that.....we pulled up to school and with his lunch pail in hand we headed hand in hand into school and Ms. Smith greeted us before we even walked in.  She is a sweetheart and loves her kids.  Kings put his lunch away in the fridge and off he went.

With tears in my eyes, he went to play with another little boy and when Ms. Smith asked him to say goodbye to Mommy he turned around to me, ran at a full sprint, hugged me tight, gave me a kiss and said "BYE MOMMY!"

I walked out with a little uneasiness, hoping that he would not have any accidents (side note: we are actively working on potty training, and Kings had no diapers or pull-ups to fall back on, only big boy undies) and went directly to work, while messaging family and friends his new school picture.

The day dragged on a little and I only called once to check in on him.  Pick-up time couldn't come soon enough and I was excited to see his little face as I walked into school.  He was banging on a bell as his 2 friends filled me in on what he did today.  Ms. Smith happily reported that he only had one accident, even though I supplied her with a full week's worth of clothes. ;0)  You can never be too careful, right?
Kings had a huge smile on his face and seemed to enjoy his first day at school and told Ms. Smith and his friends that he would see them tomorrow.

And hand in hand as we left school, Kings waved goodbye and my heart felt at ease because his first day was a success and he was a happy kid.  What a great day!

Coolest Christmas Gift

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday this year. Mine was spectacular because all of my family came over to celebrate Christmas at our home. What a day we had!!
So I have to pump myself up once in awhile and I must say that thanks to Pinterest my holiday decorations were amazing, but that's not just my opinion...I was told by several friends and family as well. So I'm sticking to it!! Ha! that a word? I don't think so but Me likey...I decided to get crafty again this year...don't judge me I'm actually pretty creative at times. We had professional pictures taken by the coolest photographer on Earth and my friend Robin Archibald...she's amazing!

I made for both my mom and mother-in-law the coolest gift, it was a set of coasters which I basically just printed off the pictures on my computer and mod podged them onto the coaster, added about 4 more coats of mod podge and then glued cork on the back of the tile and voila!  A great gift for less than $5. (Side note: you can add spray acrylic over the pictures as a final step if you like)

Mind you I bought the tiles at Lowe's for .39 cents each, Mod Podge, cork board and spray acrylic.

Easy Peasy and they were a huge hit!!
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