Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grandma C--An Angel now Watching Over Us

I was awakened last night by my brother in law with news that our beloved Grandma C. had passed away peacefully after a short battle with a brain injury.  She was an amazing women that raised four kind and gracious children.

I have only known Grandma C. for 7 short years, but the times I did spend with her were memories I will hold onto for a very long time.  When anyone was around her presence exuded a feeling of calm and maturity.  Her manners were impeccable and if she thought something you said was out of line, she would quickly correct you.  She had a true love for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but I also know that her love for religion was also high on her list if not number 1.  She was a devote Catholic that never tried to miss a day in church.  I can remember a few years back she came to visit us in Arizona because of Telle's graduation.  Everyone was extremely exhausted with all of the festivities so when Sunday rolled around no one had the energy to go to church.  Well, her energy never waivered and she was the oldest in the group! ;0)  Her grandson, my hubby, happily offered to take his Grandma to church and I believe that truly made her day.

I will also never forget the dance party at my wedding and getting her on the dance floor to do her signature "robot moves" were hilarious!  She literally had a circle of people around her rooting her on.

I am also thankful that she got to know my baby Kings, but a little sad that she will never get to know Kam.  I will make sure that her legacy lives on in my boys and that they know their Great Grandma C. and everything that should stood for: faith, family, respect, manners, peace and love!

God truly received a special, special angel last night and although she is no longer here with us in the physical world, I pray that we all find comfort in knowing that she is now with her husband, her brother and other family and friends.  Grandma C. continue to watch over us and please step in and correct us anytime you deem necessary! ;0)

Love you Grandma C.!

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