Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coolest Christmas Gift

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday this year. Mine was spectacular because all of my family came over to celebrate Christmas at our home. What a day we had!!
So I have to pump myself up once in awhile and I must say that thanks to Pinterest my holiday decorations were amazing, but that's not just my opinion...I was told by several friends and family as well. So I'm sticking to it!! Ha!

Anyhoo...is that a word? I don't think so but Me likey...I decided to get crafty again this year...don't judge me I'm actually pretty creative at times. We had professional pictures taken by the coolest photographer on Earth and my friend Robin Archibald...she's amazing!

I made for both my mom and mother-in-law the coolest gift, it was a set of coasters which I basically just printed off the pictures on my computer and mod podged them onto the coaster, added about 4 more coats of mod podge and then glued cork on the back of the tile and voila!  A great gift for less than $5. (Side note: you can add spray acrylic over the pictures as a final step if you like)

Mind you I bought the tiles at Lowe's for .39 cents each, Mod Podge, cork board and spray acrylic.

Easy Peasy and they were a huge hit!!

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  1. Cutest idea and your boys make it just perfection! So doing this for the grandmas for mothers day! I also want to see your Christmas decor - I am sure it was fabulous! Xoxo


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