Monday, January 23, 2012

Vacation, vacation...oh how I love a family vacation!

CABO SAN LUCAS or as us regulars call it "The Bo" per usual was amazing.  Nine days in paradise with my hubby, our boys and the rest of our family was pretty spectacular.  Taking 2 planes to get there so the boys could rest was not so much fun considering Kings complained of his ears and through his wails and crying all I could do was hold and love on him.  Poor little guy! ;0(

We arrived to our condo and immediately went to the store and settled the boys in for naps.  Without a beat, Kings asked me " sleepy with me?" and how could I say no.  So I shut the sun away from the room by closing the drapes and headed off into sleepyland.

Well as you can guess with an 11 month old and 2-1/2 year old besides the naps we played alot at the beach and pool.  Kings got worked by the ocean with his Papa, and by that I mean he dove into the waves and rolled back onto the shore, it was quite a site to see! He also built sandcastles with his Daddy and Nana and through the layers and layers of sunscreen became the bronzest toddler I know.  I mean I worked hard on my tan and this kids plays around with sunscreen and still ends up darker than his Momma!!!!??!!

Kam or Scoops as we like to call him, was not so fond of the ocean, but did enjoy watching the people at the pool.  I think out of everyone this kids was the most well rested of the group.  Two almost 3 hour naps daily, he ate to his hearts content and was in bed by 7:30pm.  He also could have been tired because his Uncle Kaos danced with him the entire trip, which thus led to his second nickname "Boogie!"  Let me tell you, this kid not only has moves but he has rhythm but that should not be too hard to believe because his Momma has always been a dancing machine. Haha!

Through trips to downtown Cabo on the bus, a long timeshare presentation and an interesting night out with the adults to Cabo again for a little night out to El Squid Roe, The Loveshack and the Pink Kitty, numerous laughs with our family, shopping and Happy Hour everyday, THE BO was wonderful. What was even more spectacular was the walks along the beach and T & I attempting to beat the ocean before it crashed in on us (EPIC FAIL)...I think I still have sand and salt water in my hair. Did I mention that we all managed to work out 7 out of the 9 days??  Yes we were in beastmode, but we had to keep all the chips and salsa at bay ya know!

What a great family vacation away from the chaos of our day to day schedule back in the states.  Maybe I should take a break from social media for awhile, because it was nice not to be connected to the internet and just enjoy my family.  Who knows....I will keep you posted!

I truly loved the time spent with my hubby and our boys, T and Kaos, Uncle Eric and of course Molnick and Ricky Bobby (my inlaws for inviting us)....until we meet again Bo!


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