Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sicko Kiddos

I would love to share something fabulous I did this past weekend....and I will in do time because I did have my hubby pick me up a little find from GW....but I will show you all that later.

Unfortunately this week I have been fighting off a cold/flu bug that is trying to get the best of me, but I won't let if defeat me!  Sadly my little princes have gotten it and I have had to stay home with them this entire week.  Kings is a super active little toddler and this is what he looked like on Monday:

Let me just say that this kids never lays down, so for him to be sleeping, in the morning too; I just knew he had to be super sick.  After a quick trip to the doctor we found out he had pneumonia.  Poor little we walked around Target for an hour picking up odds and ends while waiting for his prescprition.  Its now Wednesday and although he is still coughing, he has no fever and is getting back into the groove of things.

Now my baby Kam has started coughing too and because I don't want to let this one get started too soon, off to the doctor I will go today as well.  Oh the joys of parenthood, especially with two, but I wouldn't trade it for the world and I am appreciative that I can do my job from pretty much anywhere that has wireless connection. Ha!

Update on Kam is he has the beginning stages of Bronch....yep...breathing treatments it is...whew! Lord heal my babies soon....

Loves and Quick Healing.....

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