Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cloth Diapering!'s taken over my life!

So I decided with my second pregnancy that I was going to give this cloth diapering thing a chance.  I mean how hard could it be and I am all for saving the planet in anyway that I can.
About 30 weeks along in my pregnancy the obsession began....I started by typing in cloth diapering and a plethera of information popped up.  I needed to find out what this phenomenon consisted of, I mean my mother cloth diapered me 30 years ago, but was it really all about prefolds and oversized safety pins? 
To my surprise things had definitely changed, I first fell in love with the prints and colors of cloth diapers.  I consider myself a pretty hip mama and if it looks good, then I am ALL IN!  I could choose from "all in ones," "fitteds", "prefolds" and "pocket" diapers just to name of few.  Diaper covers, inserts, doublers, liners...which would I choose from.  How many times would I have to wash wool versus hemp versus microfiber.  And do I rinse first ,wash and rinse again or is it vice versa??  I was in for a treat but I dove in head first placing my first cloth diaper online order, amidst the hesistation and reluctance of my usually supportive husband.  This should be interesting......

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  1. LOL I LOVE IT! I too was convinced I was doing cloth diapers with my third..UNTIL my friend who had a baby a few months before me tried it and with breast milk, it was nothing short of a MESS! She got sick of sitting at the sink washing & scrubbing diapers..she scared me out of it LOL with 2 other kids I just dont have the time. Let me know how it goes..its so cost efficient!! GO MAMA! <3


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