Thursday, February 17, 2011

So here's what my stash of Cloth Diapers looks like!

Holy Moly!!!  With only a few weeks to get this cloth diapering thing in order, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.  Yes!!!  My initial cloth diapers stash is complete....

(**And just a sidenote: this is only my stash for newborn/small size cloth dipes...I have a huge collection of one-size dipes too, just couldn't fit all at once!)

I traveled far and wide to get these dipes together and many thanks to and  for helping me complete my newborn orders.  Both of these sites offer alot of insight into the world of cloth because honestly this journey was a little overwhelming at times.  I also heart the blog: talk about having every answer to any question you might have, this blog truly has it all!

I chose many different brands to start off my collection from: Happy Heiny's, BumGenius AIO's, VeryBaby, Charlie Banana, FuzziBunz and no collection is complete without a few Thirsties diaper covers with infant prefolds.  Yes these are a little old school, but from what I have read, a lifesaver in the first few weeks of life!  So why not, if they were good enough for me when I was little, then they will be perfect for our new little boy!

Let me say though, this obsession is expensive because let's be honest I want to try them ALL out!  I mean talk about adorable dipes...with the prints and styles available, I find myself ordering and ordering and ordering.  But what I love most is that as long as these dipes remain in good shape they can be re-sold on many sites to either make back some of the money you spent or help to replenish your stash with bigger sizes.  Talk about true RECYCLING!

I think I'm gonna love this cloth diapering thing!!!!! Now all I need is my little man to make his debut into this world and I can't wait to show him off  in his cute cloth dipes!  Pictures of him soon!

Happy Hunting!!

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