Friday, February 4, 2011

A Possible Valentine's Day in the Hospital....

So here it is with just a few days to go until my delivery  due date and I am looking at a possible Valentine's Day in the hospital...

Well I say that there is no sweeter gift than the gift of life and I am thankful to have my hubby of 5 years by my side, our new little addition and hopefully his big brother with me on the day of love. However, in our household everyday is AMORE!!

I have taken the liberty of going V-day gift shopping early....and I am ready and prepared wherever I might be on that special day.

Have you done your shopping yet???  Well I have come up with some clever ways to plan out a Valentine's Day to remember:

1. Nothing says more to a man than a great homecooked meal...Now let me tell you, I really need to apply this to my life.  My man loves my cooking, but I rarely can muster up the energy lately to get into the kitchen.  Start planning the menu now, head to the store for your ingredients and prep a day or two early, so on the day of you don't have much to do!

2.  Words, words, words! They truly tell the story of your heart. Tell him how he has impacted your life this last year and what he means to you.  Take his breath away with your ability to articulate you love for him on paper. 

3.  Scavenger hunt of all the places you love! I fell in love with the FLIP camcorder a few years back and it truly has been my saving grace.  So take that special someone around to your favorite places and reflect on the memories that you two shared there.  Nothing says love like taking a walk down memory lane to the places where it all began in your relationship!  And you can have it on video to remember forever...


Have fun, fall in love all over again and remember that love should be practiced daily not just on February 14th!


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