Monday, February 7, 2011

The Dilemma of a DOUBLE STROLLER....

With the impending arrival our second baby boy  I know have the pleasure of researching the infamous double stroller...

Now let me just preface this blog by stating it took me FOREVER to decide on a single stroller for our first son and because I couldn't make up my mind  I ended up having 3!!!  Yes three strollers for one child, so this quest for the ultimate double was going to be interesting.

I went to many sites looking at the differences in strollers, but the first obstacle was deciding between a "side by side" and  "front and back"  or "inline" double stroller. 


With the inline stroller, it would easily fit thru doorways, but my biggest problem is that one kid would always be looking at both the back side of the front seat and wouldn't have a view of what is going on in front.  With the side to side each child would be able to see their surroundings straight ahead.  I know, I know...who really cares if the kid behind can see in front or not, but as they got older I could see this becoming a problem! 

I am truly debating between this Phil & Ted's inline double stroller, which I love the function and sleekness of.  I also asked numerous friends to give me their opinion and it was split down the middle between the BOB double stroller and also the UPPABaby Vista stroller with the Rumbleseat.

My two main concerns or must haves is that I want each individual seat to lie down flat and be compatible with my Maxi-Cosi infant carseat. I truly don't want to have to buy another adaptor...I mean double strollers already run anywhere from $200-$1000 or so!!!

So the hunt continues for the ULTIMATE DOUBLE STROLLER!  And my question for you is what double stroller did you ultimately decide on and why??


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  1. Which one did you decide on? I'm in the same quandary right now! Please help!!


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